Elementary School & Early Childhood Center

Sacred Hearts School is a Catholic educational institution open to children from age 3 through the 8th grade. Located in Bradford Massachusetts, the school is under the dominion of Sacred Hearts Parish Bradford/Groveland. The campus is comprised of two main facilities, an Early Childhood Center and an Elementary School. Sacred Hearts Early Childhood Center (ECC) offers Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten and Extended Day programs for children who are between 3 and 5 yrs. of age by Aug. 31st, as well as housing our two Kindergarten classes. The Elementary School offers a complete accredited program covering full day Kindergarten through 8th grade. We have 2 classes at each grade level, and maintain a waiting list for admission to full grades.

Did you know that Sacred Hearts School...

  • Has a superb High School acceptance rate
  • Offers a full complement of Integrated Arts that include: Art, Library, Music, Computer Technology, Physical Education, plus Latin, Spanish & French
  • Enjoys an average Student:Teacher Class Ratio of 24:1
  • Has a dedicated Faculty who are Commonwealth of MA Certified, with 65% holding Masters Degrees
  • Achieves Standardized test scores above both National and Archdiocesan Means
  • Aligns its curriculum with MASS Frameworks and Archdiocesan Guidelines
  • Provides both Before School & After School Care
  • Encourages students to participate in extra-Curricular activities such as: Service/Leadership Club, School Yearbook Committee, Drama Club/Annual School Play, Academic Bowl Teams (Grades 5-8), Band (Grades 3-8), Athletic Programs (Basketball, Track, Cross-Country, Golf, Cheerleading & Volleyball), summer STREAM camp, and other offerings.
  • Emphasizes a spiritual life through daily prayer, monthly mass/prayer services, and service projects throughout the school year.


We believe that Sacred Hearts School:
  • Exists to carry out its mission of teaching God's message of salvation.
  • Integrates religion with learning and living and emphasizes values needed for a life of Christian fulfillment.
  • Acknowledges that students are individuals with their own cultural backgrounds and needs and that they develop self-discipline, a healthy self-image and responsibility in a structured environment with positive reinforcement.
  • Prepares students to further their education by providing a firm foundation of basic skills so as to lead them to think creatively, to express themselves without fear and to assume responsibility and leadership in a life of service to God and others.


Sacred Hearts School is a community committed to teaching and living Catholic values. We strive for academic excellence while encouraging students to develop morally, academically, and socially. We challenge our students to become critical thinkers who are self-confident, disciplined, respectful, and firmly committed to living a faith-filled life.

Sacred Hearts School          31 South Chestnut Street          Bradford, MA 01835          Tel: 978-372-5451