COVID-19 Special Message

Sacred Hearts School is NOT closed! We've just RELOCATED to the dining room tables, home offices, and student desks of our school families. School is different for sure, but teaching and learning are happening every day thanks to the efforts of our teachers, our students and our parents! We accept the fact that the decision to "close" schools in Massachusetts is a decision that was made for the greater good of all of us.

Remote teaching and learning are made up of some familiar practices that were learned prior to Covid-19, but we have certainly built upon that foundation. Our days are filled with Zoom sessions, creative assignments, adherence to curriculum standards, online resources and ongoing digital assessments. Challenging? Yes. But we remain true to our mission!

The words to our school song echo the sentiments of what our school community is all about . . .
With our teachers at our side,
And the Lord as our guide,
Sacred Hearts is the school we love.
From Nursery thru Grade 8,
We have cause to celebrate,
Learning more and more each day.
Respect, integrity and responsibility
To be all that we can be.
With our heads lifted high
You can surely see why
SACRED HEARTS . . . we're the Hawks
Proud we sing!

During these days remember to PRAY for one another, DO something for someone in need and TRUST that we will all get through this TOGETHER . . . stronger than ever!

Be well!

Mrs. Kathleen Blain, Principal

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