Lunch Menu

Our lunch program is run by the Haverhill Public Schools Food Service Department, and lunch menus are updated and published by them. When our school calendars differ, there may be some discrepencies in the offerings between their published menu and what we are offering.
To see what's for lunch this month, look at the School Lunch Menu for the month at the Haverhill Public Schools website. We follow the Elementary Schools lunch menu.
The cost of lunch (includes milk) is $3.10; the cost of milk alone is $0.70.


Thanks for all you do for us, Mrs. Lalumiere, and thank you to all the parents who volunteer in the cafeteria!

Additional Menu Items offered daily

  • Whole wheat bagel lunch
  • Assorted sandwiches
  • Nachos
  • Chef salad
  • Chicken caesar salad

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